The Importance of Statistics

If you’re like me, you hate math 😂. I hate math with every fiber in my being. That’s why when I realized I had to learn statistics and other math stuff to do what I want career wise, I was devastated for two weeks straight😂

Well, just to motivate me and possibly someone else out here further, here are three completely different departments in a university, and why statistics. This would tell you how important statistics is in the grand scheme of things.


I am currently a student of psychology at Obafemi Awolowo University. In psychology, statistics is one of the most important parts of the study. Without it, where would we get analytic proof of findings? These proof of findings is data that can be interpreted using graphs, tables, and even numbers.

Statistics are also used by many scientists to present these findings. Depending on the data, you would need to use different statistical approaches.

For example, imagine you’re a psychology student trying to figure out the impact on social media on suicide rates. After doing your research, your findings may not be useful if you don’t put it in statistical form.

These statistics would allow you understand from a logical point of view if social media affects really has an effect on suicide rates.

Demography and Statistics

Demography and statistics is a department in my faculty that uses a lot of statistics in their day to day activities.

First off, demography and statistics is the study of human populations using statistics. This is in reference to size, density, distribution, and other vital statistics. These vital statistics include births, marriages, deaths, and so on.

That said, statistics in demography is one of the most important tools used in demographic analysis. The information it accumulates serves as a relatable reference for many socio economic analyses of the population.

For example, imagine you want to measure the amount of births that occur each year in a geographical location. Statistics are very much required to pull this off. If you don’t include the use of statistical tools, you could potentially be wasting your time doing research.

Computer Science

For this point, I would take computer science. Statistics is used in computer science for data mining, vision and image analysis, artificial intelligence, and network modeling. As a computer scientist, you need to have a strong background in statistics to be able to understand stuff like algorithms, statistical properties that form the structure of computer science.

If statistics wasn’t involved in computer science, there is no way we would have made the technological advancements we did in such a short time.

As you may have already guessed from your answer, statistics plays a very important role in computer algorithms and processes.

Final thoughts

These departments aren’t the only departments that need statistics. They are just examples of three different career paths in life, and how they all have one thing in common; statistics.



Creative writer trying to change the world in my own little way, one word at a time.

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Jubril Lawal

Creative writer trying to change the world in my own little way, one word at a time.